Shadchan Dating Done Right.


Playing with matches is a revolutionary matchmaking site, made for Jewish religious individuals looking to get married. Playing with matches changes up the game so you can actively help matchmakers find you the right match!


Playing with matches is a matchmaking service where you date through a shadchan. The difference is, on Playing With Matches, users can see a limited view of other profiles before being matched.

This includes one image, their age, height, general location and religious classification. Your name, references and any other info is only visible to matchmakers and those with whom you have been matched.

This allows for privacy, while at the same time giving you the power to see just enough to find the right users on your own.

Search, Star, Get Matched!

With the ability to see profile cards, you can now search, star and get matched! Our matchmakers know the instant you sign up to the second you star a user. So while you get suggestions made for you, you can help make suggestions for yourself!

Message Matchmakers in real time

Chat with all our matchmakers live! And if the matchmaker is not online, they will get your message via email which they can reply to without having to log in! You can do the same, making life easier, without requiring you to sign in every time you get a new message!

Matchmakers can work more efficiently!

As a matchmaker you have more filters and search abilities. You can also pre-load a users filters and see what they have been looking for.

You can also join our slack group, where you can chat with other matchmakers and see when a new user joins the site or when a user stars someone! You’ll never miss anything!

Star users to easily get back to them. Set users up with people they have starred making it easier to make a match.

Leave private notes on each user so you always remember where you left off! Use Playing with Matches as a personal database.

Playing with matches is fire proof and user friendly!

Playing with matches is easy to use, has a focus on good user experience, and was created to help you get better matches. It was created by people who wanted an easier time dating online, without compromising their privacy.


Playing With Matches is free to try for 1 month.

After that it’s only



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