How to Use PWM

I joined the site as a single. Now what?

Welcome! First we will need to verify your info and then activate you. Once you’re activated you will receive an email and then you can log in.

Once logged in, you can set your profile status to available. You need to fill out one or two more things to do this. (You cannot be available unless certain fields in your profile are filled out.)

Once you’re done you can go and  search and star users you’re interested in by pressing on a profile card. By clicking a profile card it will open the full profile. If you’re not in a match with this user you wont be able to see much except some basic info and maybe the “about me” section, if the user made that public.

You can also use the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also save your filters so that when you come back it will automatically load them. Saving your filters also allows the matchmakers to see what you were looking for. Remember, the more filters you set the narrower the results.

You can view your starred users, as well as your current matches on your profile homepage . There you can click the items in the navigation bar to switch between your profile, starred users, current matches and history (old matches).

You can also edit your profile by clicking .

Under your current matches you can click the  icon to speak with the matchmaker that set you up.

As a single user, you can also view all the matchmakers and message them too. Messages with matchmakers that don’t pertain to matches will appear on the messages page .

 I signed up as a matchmaker. Now What?

Thank you so much for joining! Playing with Matches is really fun and makes matchmaking really easy. First things first: Make sure your join our slack team.

The slack team is so important to Playing With matches. It’s where you can meet and speak with other matchmakers and it’s where you will get notified each time a new user joins the site or stars a user.

Once you have been verified and activated you can log in and see your own profile. At the top of the site, you can click the  to start looking through the singles. Use the filters to narrow or widen your search. The profile cards have some buttons at the bottom of them. Here is what those do:

What does each icon stand for?

  • : click to star and save a user to your starred users.
  • : View images for profile.
  • : Chat with a user outside a match. This is ongoing messaging and does not pertain to a match.
  • : start a new match with this user and load their filters if they set any.
  • : add a user to the matchbox to make a match.
  • : click to create a match quickly between the profile and the user they starred. only appears when viewing a profiles starred users.

Once you add two users to the matchbox area you can press strike match and confirm. A match is made!You can continue making matches, or you can view the match you made on your profile by pressing and clicking your current matches .

Here you will see cards with two users for each one. When a user accepts a match their image will have a blue border around it. You can speak with both users of a match by clicking the under each user to open the match messages. You can reset or close a match while viewing a match message.

When users accept you will be notified. When both accept it is good to reach out and help them figure out how they want to proceed.

As a matchmaker you can also leave notes on each profile by scrolling to the bottom. There you can save some notes so that you can keep tabs on each user.


Have fun using playing with matches. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!